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At Oceanside Behavioral, we believe that an effective drug rehab facility must help clients become better as both individuals and as responsible members of their respective communities. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we help clients conquer their drug addiction so that they can become better parents, children, teachers, and friends. Every client, in our view, should leave rehab a better person. At our drug rehab centers, located in Eugene, Oregon and throughout the country, we help our clients through the difficult and uncomfortable process of withdrawal, provide individual and group therapy designed to identify and treat the underlying causes of addiction, and offer continuing client aftercare to ensure that our clients remain drug free and rehabilitated.


Our drug detox clinic walks clients through the difficult stage of ending drug dependency, closely monitoring their progress as they experience the physical symptoms of withdrawal. We care for the clients closely during this difficult process, keeping them as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Drug withdrawal happens because the body has become used to these artificial substances and has stopped producing the natural neurochemicals these substances replace. The body must gradually re-learn to produce these chemicals, reproducing them again at their former levels. At our drug rehabilitation center, we want to help make this process as easy and comfortable as possible for clients, while providing them with the close attention and supervision they need to complete the process.


During the detox process, we provide dual diagnostic treatment, which means that we will treat clients with co-occurring mental health conditions. Our addiction recovery center makes sure that all clients have access to treatment for their co-occurring mental health conditions.


After detoxing, clients need to learn new coping strategies that can address and prevent the negative habits and mindsets that lead to addiction in the first place. We believe that addiction is best combated by clients learning to understand themselves, growing stronger as individuals and as members of a community. At our addiction recovery facility, we help clients learn the tools they need to defeat drug addiction once and for all. We combine individual therapy with larger group sessions. Individual sessions let clients be honest and come forward about their own personal struggles, weaknesses, and concerns, issues that they might not feel comfortable admitting in a group setting. At the same time, we believe that engaging in group activities with their peers will help our clients grow in confidence, mutually encouraging one another in a supportive environment. In working within a group setting, clients learn to see themselves through the eyes of others, learning valuable truths about themselves in the process. These group therapy sessions help clients discover that they are not alone in facing their addiction.


At the end of therapy, we continue the rehabilitation process in our aftercare program. This program is designed to let clients continually find the support they need to stay clean, helping them refrain from relapsing back into their addiction. In the aftercare program, our clients continue to learn the skills they have picked up in therapy, returning for group and individual sessions, renewing their courage and confidence from the support of their peers. Our aftercare program also affords clients the opportunity to enter a halfway home, making sure that they have the strong moral support they need to remain strong as they return to their former lives.


Our addiction treatment center offers more than an merely an addiction recovery program. We build our clients into better people, equipping them with the tools they need to become valuable and outstanding members of society. We believe that the strong support of a community and personal individual attention help build the character and fortitude necessary for our clients to quit their addiction once and for all, ending their struggle with drug addiction and moving on with their lives.