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For those in the grips of addiction, substance dependency has a profound impact on every part of their lives from social life to career. It’s a condition that is hazardous not only to the victim’s physical well-being, but to their emotional and mental health. Addiction is not a simple or straightforward disorder, but it’s always possible for individuals suffering with it to recover from their condition and change the trajectory of their life.


Oceanside Behavioral drug rehab centers are committed to providing clients with exceptional services to aid them on their journey towards addiction recovery. Our addiction recovery center in Burlington, Arizona is a clean, modern, and safe facility that welcomes those who are looking for a way out of addiction. We provide personalized therapy as well as comprehensive programs that are designed to provide motivation and direction during rehabilitation.


A Friendly and Non-Judgmental Culture

While we are always looking for ways to offer a more positive and productive experience for clients, maintaining a welcoming and criticism-free environment is always a priority at our Sedona addiction recovery facility. We want every client who stays with us to feel relaxed and at home so they don’t have to worry about anything except for their rehabilitation. Our staff members are also dedicated to ensuring that clients can focus on their addiction recovery program free of external sources of stress and distraction.


Starting With a Clean Slate

Those with an addiction often struggle to go through the detox process on their own. It’s an extremely stressful process that can last for days or weeks, placing strain on the body as well as the brain. Discomfort, frustration, and feelings of helplessness can easily overwhelm someone with an addiction, discouraging them for following through with the detox.


There are several important reasons to consider supervised detox rather than going cold turkey at home. Access to a network of trained professionals provides adequate support throughout the process. Supervision also makes the process less dangerous, since experienced professionals are on hand to spot signs of health complications that may need to be addressed.


Moving Forward with Comprehensive Programs

Many of the challenges and issues related to rehabilitation are experiences that many with an addiction understand, but that doesn’t mean that the same techniques work just as well for anyone. Rather than following a generalized strategy, the staff at our drug rehab facility in Sedona create programs based around each individual. We take the time to learn more about each person, including their social life, personal history, goals and problems, to provide a customized treatment.


Clients participating in recovery programs at our addiction treatment center in Sedona can take part in a wide range of activities that give them the opportunity to expand their experiences. Even simple ventures like walking around a park or reading new books can have a big impact on attitude, mood, and overall mental well-being. Developing productive, healthy habits is also a critical part of the rehabilitation process, as they provide the foundation for a future free from substance abuse.


Continuing Support for Clients

Sometimes, the biggest temptations and challenges related to addiction recovery don’t emerge for months or years after initial detox. Many people are eventually confronted with their addiction and may even feel a desire to backslide. That’s why our Sedona addiction treatment facility offers aftercare services that are specifically designed to encourage clients to push past these temptations and continue on the right path.


Learn More about the Sedona Drug Detox Clinic


We are always happy to provide more information regarding our substance abuse treatment facilities, so please contact Oceanside Behavioral with your questions and concerns. Our staff members will offer detailed information regarding programs, counseling services, and policies at our rehab center in Burlington, Arizona. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn how we can help you, or someone you know, recover from addiction through tailored treatment.